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FedEx driver confessed to abducting, killing 7-year-old girl: Police

12/3/2022 11:09 AM Open Story
Police found the body of 7-year-old Athena Strand who was allegedly abducted and murdered by a FedEx driver who was making a delivery to her house.  

Molten lava on Hawaii's Big Island could block main highway

12/3/2022 1:11 PM Open Story
Many people on the Big Island of Hawaii are bracing for major upheaval if lava from Mauna Loa volcano blocks the quickest route connecting two sides of the island  

China reports 2 new COVID deaths as some restrictions eased

12/4/2022 1:36 AM Open Story
China has reported two additional deaths from COVID-19 as some cities move cautiously to ease anti-pandemic restrictions following increasingly vocal public frustrations  

Russia rejects $60-a-barrel cap on its oil, warns of cutoffs

12/3/2022 1:12 PM Open Story
Russian authorities have rejected a price cap on the country’s oil set by Ukraine’s Western supporters and are threatening to stop supplying the nations that endorsed it  

Suspect arrested days after couple found stabbed to death in their home

12/3/2022 9:01 AM Open Story
A suspect accused of stabbing and bludgeoning an elderly couple to death in their home in Marshfield, Massachusetts, was found in Miami, officials said.  

El Salvador sends 10,000 police, soldiers to seal off town

12/3/2022 2:25 PM Open Story
The government of El Salvador has sent 10,000 soldiers and police to seal off a town on the outskirts of the nation's capital to search for gang members  

Man charged with threatening doctor over transgender care

12/3/2022 10:23 AM Open Story
Federal prosecutors have charged a Texas man with threatening a Boston physician who cares for transgender children  

IS claims gun attack at Pakistan embassy that wounded guard

12/4/2022 2:12 AM Open Story
The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for last week’s shooting at the Pakistani embassy in Afghanistan in which the head of the mission escaped unharmed but a guard was wounded  

Survivors of Brussels suicide attacks seek closure at trial

12/4/2022 1:11 AM Open Story
The trial of 10 men accused over the 2016 suicide bombings at Brussels airport and an underground metro station starts in earnest this week  

Indonesia's Mt. Semeru unleashes lava river in new eruption

12/3/2022 10:25 PM Open Story
Indonesia’s highest volcano on its most densely populated island has spewed ash skyward and released searing gas clouds and rivers of lava in its latest eruption  

Jury awards ex-Maine trooper $300,000 in whistleblower case

12/3/2022 11:49 AM Open Story
The jury found the state police wrongly retaliated when he raised concerns.  

Takeoff murder suspect ordered held on $2 million bond

12/3/2022 9:41 AM Open Story
A 33-year-old man has been arrested and charged with murder in the fatal shooting of Migos rapper Takeoff on Nov. 1, police said.  

Defense secretary backs vaccine mandate over GOP objections

12/3/2022 6:04 PM Open Story
Austin is making clear he wants to keep the military’s vaccine mandate in place.  

LIVE: ABC News Live

12/1/2022 10:31 AM Open Story
24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events  

College student found dead on campus; homicide investigation underway

12/3/2022 5:15 PM Open Story
A 22-year-old student at Jackson State University in Mississippi was found dead on campus and his death is being investigated as a homicide.  

WATCH: 19-foot Christmas tree carried into Nashville home

12/2/2022 8:19 AM Open Story
If Christmas cheer could be measured—this 19-foot tree carefully maneuvered into a Nashville home may just win.  

WATCH: Two large warships narrowly avoid collision in San Diego Bay

12/2/2022 12:16 PM Open Story
In a video shared on Twitter, two large warships can be seen narrowly avoiding a collision in one of the narrowest points of the San Diego Bay.  

WATCH: Santa joins fish and dolphins at aquarium

12/2/2022 7:07 AM Open Story
Santa Claus wasn't going to leave the aquarium's fish and dolphins out of the Christmas spirit—grabbing flippers and an oxygen tank in place of his boots and sleigh.  

WATCH: Toddler’s moves are so ‘flipping’ cute

12/1/2022 1:24 PM Open Story
Eighteen-month-old Harper may be a future gymnast in the making.  

WATCH: Cat uses Christmas tree as treadmill

12/1/2022 3:00 PM Open Story
This curious kitty has discovered a new way to do cardio.  

WATCH: 8th grade basketball player scores full-court buzzer-beater

12/2/2022 1:01 PM Open Story
When a Marseilles Elementary player missed a free throw, Milton Pope Elementary School's Cooper Thorson grabbed the ball and heaved it underhand to score a basket in the last second for his team.  

WATCH: US Navy ships narrowly miss each other in San Diego Bay

12/1/2022 7:58 AM Open Story
Two U.S. Navy ships narrowly avoided collision while navigating the San Diego Bay in California. No injuries or damage were reported by the ships, a U.S. Navy spokesperson said.  

WATCH: Twitter to expand exposure on personal timeline

12/1/2022 12:04 PM Open Story
Twitter is updating the timeline to allow users to see recommended tweets from accounts that are not being followed.  

WATCH: Lion cubs orphaned during war in Ukraine arrive at Minnesota animal sanctuary

11/30/2022 7:52 PM Open Story
Lion cubs orphaned during the war in Ukraine have arrived safely at a Minnesota animal sanctuary that has pledged to give them a permanent home.  

WATCH: Man runs onto World Cup field, does flips

11/30/2022 1:35 PM Open Story
A man ran onto the pitch during the France v. Tunisia game at the World Cup and attempted some flips before security tackled them to the ground and carried them off.