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Willis Reed, leader on Knicks' 2 title teams, dies at 80

3/21/2023 3:47 PM Open Story
Willis Reed, who dramatically emerged from the locker room minutes before Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals to spark the New York Knicks to their first championship and create one of sports’ most enduring examples of playing through pain, has died  

8 dolphins dead after washing ashore on New Jersey beach

3/21/2023 4:21 PM Open Story
A pod of eight dolphins died after being stranded on beaches in New Jersey on Tuesday, according to an animal rescue and rehabilitation center.  

Yellen says bank 'situation is stabilizing'

3/21/2023 10:59 AM Open Story
Treasury Secretary Yellen said Tuesday that "the situation is stabilizing and the U.S. banking system remains sound," in remarks to the American Bankers Association.  

Gerber powdered infant formula voluntarily recalled due to possible bacteria exposure

3/21/2023 1:58 PM Open Story
Some of Gerber's Good Start SoothePro powdered infant formula products have been recalled due to possible bacterial contamination.  

Gwyneth Paltrow's trial over alleged 2016 ski crash begins: What to know

3/21/2023 5:42 PM Open Story
Gwyneth Paltrow is standing trial in court over an alleged ski crash that occurred in 2016. Here's what you need to know.  

High school mourns 2 seniors who died in tragic sledding accident

3/21/2023 6:47 AM Open Story
A 17-year-old and an 18-year-old have died after suffering a tragic sledding accident while they were on spring break.  

Lawyer: 29-year-old who posed as teen student was lonely

3/21/2023 12:47 PM Open Story
The lawyer for a 29-year-old woman accused of using false documents to enroll as a New Jersey high school student says she did so because she was lonely  

What to know about the drug xylazine and why it's making fentanyl worse

3/21/2023 11:40 AM Open Story
DEA issues public safety alert for mixture of powerful veterinary drug with fentanyl  

Supreme Court rules for deaf student in education case

3/21/2023 9:17 AM Open Story
The Supreme Court has ruled unanimously for a a deaf student who sued his public school system for providing an inadequate education  

Inmates caught at IHOP after allegedly tunneling through cell wall, escaping jail

3/21/2023 3:15 PM Open Story
Two Virginia inmates are back in custody after they allegedly escaped from jail by tunneled through a cell wall, authorities said.  

Gun used in kidnapping, killing of Americans in Mexico came from US

3/21/2023 9:42 AM Open Story
A gun used earlier this month by cartel members to kidnap a group of Americans and kill two of them was illegally trafficked from the U.S.  

Mountain lion attacks man from behind while he and his wife relaxed in hot tub

3/21/2023 3:31 AM Open Story
A man was attacked from behind by a mountain lion and suffered wounds to his head while he and his wife were relaxing in an in-ground hot tub.  

Judge says special prosecutor has evidence Trump may have broken law: Sources

3/21/2023 5:56 PM Open Story
A federal judge ruled the special counsel has presented evidence that Donald Trump may have broken the law in his handling of classified documents, sources told ABC News.  

LIVE: ABC News Live

3/15/2023 11:29 AM Open Story
24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events  

With Trump case looming, what is an indictment?

3/21/2023 1:39 PM Open Story
Legal experts say that criminal cases where a defendant is indicted long before an arrest are common in potential white-collar crimes.  

WATCH: This coffee shop franchise is giving people with disabilities meaningful jobs

3/21/2023 9:31 AM Open Story
Bitty and Beau’s Coffee Shop, a café started by the parents of two children with Down syndrome, employs over 400 people with disabilities.  

WATCH: Suspect flees LAPD officers on skateboard

3/21/2023 6:33 AM Open Story
After a suspect lost control of his pickup truck while being pursued by police in Los Angeles, he took off on his skateboard before finally being apprehended.  

WATCH: 'Ted Lasso' cast talk mental health at White House

3/20/2023 3:14 PM Open Story
The cast of Apple TV+'s "Ted Lasso" visited the White House to discuss the importance of talking about mental health with President Joe Biden.  

WATCH: Make-A-Wish surprises child who has brain cancer with corgi puppy

3/20/2023 12:19 PM Open Story
Eleven-year-old Elijah's dream was to have his very own corgi puppy.  

WATCH: Man has emotional reunion with dog he gave up 10 years ago

3/19/2023 2:31 AM Open Story
After a move forced a man to give up his dog Smokey, he was brought to tears when the two reunited 10 years later.  

WATCH: Small plane makes emergency landing on New York beach

3/18/2023 11:39 AM Open Story
An aircraft plane piloted by a Queens assemblyman made an emergency landing along Long Island’s Shoreham Beach after experiencing an engine malfunction.  

WATCH: Dog ready for adoption after surviving being shot

3/17/2023 2:56 PM Open Story
A dog named Bucky, who survived being shot in the face and left in the woods tangled to a tree, was paraded out to applause after recovering from his injuries, and is now ready to be adopted.  

WATCH: Couple poses for wedding photos at 'end of the world'

3/17/2023 7:19 AM Open Story
This couple traveled to the “end of the world” for some unique (and very scenic) wedding photos.  

WATCH: Giant pandas at Moscow Zoo celebrate Panda Day

3/16/2023 5:13 PM Open Story
The Moscow Zoo prepared special treats for its giant pandas to celebrate Panda Day, though they seemed to prefer their usual meal of bamboo shoots.  

WATCH: Kobe Bryant immortalized with hand and footprints at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood

3/16/2023 2:52 PM Open Story
“I encourage you to place your hands in his,” Kobe’s daughter Natalia said. “This will be a treasure for the city of Los Angeles and my dad’s fans from all over the world to hold and to cherish.”